21 - 28 July, Borgo Valsugana



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Unique Event

Thumb Trento (Italy)

In the heart of Europe and the Dolomites is located the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The enchanted mountains, valleys, castles, lakes and cities, together with a rich history and culture are waiting for you!

Let's brighten up our territory together in this fantastic new edition of the International Young Firefighters Competition.

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Schedule details

Schedule of the day's events

July 2024

Borgo Valsugana (TN)

Welcome of the members of the CTIF Organisation, teams and judges

Borgo Valsugana (TN)

Registration of participants, allocation of accommodation, interpreters, facilities and parking

Borgo Valsugana, p.zza Degasperi (TN)

Official Opening Ceremony of the XXIV International Young Firefighters Competition

Borgo Valsugana, p.zza Degasperi (TN)

Opening concert of the XXIV International Young Firefighters Competition

Borgo Valsugana, Stadio (TN)

Official training of the teams enrolled in the games, from all over the world

Borgo Valsugana, Stadio (TN)

Official Competition Day and LagerOlympiade

Castel Ivano (TN)

Gala evening at the castle to conclude the competition

Borgo Valsugana, p.zza Degasperi (TN)

Presentation of the Nations attending the International Games

Borgo Valsugana (TN)

For participants free day with trips and excursions

Borgo Valsugana, Stadio (TN)

IJLK and CTIF Executive Committee meeting, Awards and closing ceremony

Borgo Valsugana, p.zza Degasperi (TN)

Stands with products from the various participating nations

Safety of the Event

How do we promote safety?

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The Organising Committee aims to provide routes and places where safety is a priority and is determined to ensure optimal conditions for the XXIV CTIF 2024 International Young Firefighters Competition.
For all emergencies, we remind you that the number to call is


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Waste Management

Environmentally-friendly and Green Event

To be considered sustainable, an event must satisfy the requirements and principles of the international standard UNI ISO 20121. We want the CTIF 2024 International Young Firefighters Competition to be a sustainable event, which is why we are following all the procedures in design, execution, planning and disassembly of the event in order to achieve this standard.

UNI ISO 20121 is an international standard that defines the requirements necessary for the implementation of a sustainable event management system, with the aim of minimising the impact of an event on the community and the environment in which it takes place.

UNI ISO 20121 considers all the stages of the event from the following points of view:

  • ENVIRONMENTAL: sustainable use of resources, careful choice of materials, limited and environmentally friendly impact on nature and biodiversity.
  • SOCIAL: compliance with labour standards, social justice, respect for culture and equal opportunities.
  • ECONOMIC: enhancing the local economy, stimulating and supporting innovation.

We are working hard to create a green and sustainable event! Do YOUR part too and help us develop the event by respecting all the good behaviours to achieve a green and sustainable success!

Discover Borgo Valsugana

This is a virtual tour of Borgo Valsugana, where the XXIV International Youth Fire Firefighters Competition will take place.
We are waiting for you!


Competition area


Competition field

STADIUM - Via Giuseppe Gozzer, Borgo Valsugana, TN

Competition Office

FIREHOUSE - Via Giuseppe Gozzer, Borgo Valsugana, TN

Events Meeting

SQUARE - P.zza Degasperi, Borgo Valsugana, TN


Project partners