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Some suggestions for enjoying Valsugana

Let you fall in love with the wonderful activities and attractions offered by the host country of the XXIV International Young Firefighters Competition.


Museums, sights and more


Trekking and walking routes


Bicycle paths and itineraries

Rest stops

Bars & Restaurants


Museums and attractions to enjoy Valsugana

Great War Museum

Exhibition in the former Mulino Spagolla to enhance and preserve material from the Great War between the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni, Valsugana and the Lagorai-Cima d'Asta mountains.

Arte Sella

A creative process that has seen artistic languages, sensitivities and inspirations come together in a continuous dialogue between creativity and nature.

Rari Nantes Pool

Indoor and outdoor municipal swimming pool with a large lawn for relaxing in the sun. Suitable for both swimmers and children.


The park's activity consists of suspended paths between trees, using Tibetan bridges, lianas and other exciting wooden toys.

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For those who love nature and exercise

1 km - 20 min

La Rocchetta

The vantage point over the Bassa Valsugana. Watching the sunset from this vantage point provides unique photo opportunities.

4,9 km - 1,30 h

Forte delle Benne

Easy route that follows a series of well-maintained farm roads around the Colle delle Benne where the Austrian fort from which it took its name was erected.

3,3 km - 1,30 h

Onea Church

Simple walk that introduces us to a green corner of Borgo Valsugana up to the small and characteristic Sanctuary of the Madonna di Onea, also a pilgrimage destination.

1 km - 20 min

Lupa del Lagorai

Accessible by parking at the Nif Restaurant: Alpine Taste. From here the walk starts and at the end the Lupa del Lagorai enchantment will be in front of your eyes.


Cycle routes to visit the valley

30 km - 3,30h

Val Di Sella Tour

Rich in incredibly fascinating landscape views, this enchanting route crosses the entire Val di Sella and finally winds its way through the numerous works of Arte Sella.

15,8 km - 1,30 h

Monte Civerone Tour

Evocative route around Monte Civerone, at the foot of the well-known Monte Ortigara, among places rich in history and evidence of the First World War.

80 km

Valsugana cycle path

Family cycle path that links the Valsugana for about 80 km, with several refreshment stops.

24,7 km - 1,40h

Roadbike Borgo Valsugana - Val di Sella

There is a place where nature is transformed into art: Arte Sella. This tour leads to the entrance of this special open-air contemporary art exhibition.

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Rest stops

For a short break

Bar amodomio

Bar in Borgo Valsugana where you can have a small meal and enjoy a short break.

Bar Milano

Bar in the centre of the town, near the main square, offering the opportunity to drink but also to enjoy some small snacks.

San Giorgio

Family-run restaurant, carefully prepared dishes, quality products, fresh fish and regional dishes with a modern twist.

La Taverna

The Taverna has a veranda overlooking Lake Levico. You can enjoy fish dishes, traditional Trentino dishes and our pizzas, while enjoying a fantastic view.

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