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Trentino: the stage of the XXIV Competition

Valsugana is Trentino's most diverse region for landscape and culture: from the two lakes that have been awarded the "European Blue Flag" to the unspoilt wilderness of the Lagorai mountains, the natural art of Arte Sella, the highest thermal spring in Europe and the allure of the Habsburg fortresses on the high plateaus.

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Some historical background

The Territory in the Course of Time

The Valsugana, inhabited in the highlands by Mesolithic hunter-gatherer groups and exploited for copper mining, bears witness to thousands of years of human settlement. The predominance of the Rhaetians, an ancient population group that inhabited the central Eastern Alps from the Copper Age to the Iron Age, is evidenced by the settlement of Montesei di Serso near Pergine.

The subsequent Roman domination led to the construction of the Via Claudia Augusta Altinate, an important transport artery from the 1st century AD, which connected Altino with Augsburg in Bavaria. The Middle Ages left an indelible mark on the landscape of the valley from the 12th century with the construction of numerous castles. Many of them no longer exist today, others have been completely preserved.

unspoiled nature

The Valsugana Treasures

Water is the most important element in the Valsugana. The lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo are suitable for swimming from May to September and have been awarded the important international recognition of the "European Blue Flag" for water quality and sustainable land cultivation for many years. Lake Caldonazzo is a true natural paradise for water sports. The Tenna hill separates it from neighbouring Lake Levico, which, surrounded by greenery, resembles a typical Norwegian fjord.
The Brenta River, which rises in the Valsugana and flows to the Venice lagoon, originates from these two lakes.
To admire it in all its beauty you can follow the cycle path of the same name which winds along the river for about 80 kilometres and combines culture, art and stories of unique natural landscapes between Trentino and Veneto. The Lagorai is the most extensive mountain range with a length of no less than 50 kilometres. The highest peak in the Lagorai is the Cima d'Asta (2,847 metres).
Along the silent and majestic paths that criss-cross the Lagorai chain you can come across trenches, positions, and military hospitals from the First World War.

The Competition Venue

Borgo Valsugana

Borgo Valsugana has around 7,000 inhabitants in eastern Valsugana and has been one of the most beautiful villages in Italy since 2022. Crossed by the River Brenta and dominated by the majestic Castel Telvana, the town has a charming Venetian character and offers the most enchanting, urbanised river landscape in Trentino.

There are numerous sights to discover within the municipality.
From the terrace of the Clarisse di San Damiano monastery, just a few steps from the historic centre, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the village while admiring Telvana Castle on the slopes of Monte Ciolino. The manor house is a medieval fortress that may have been built as early as the 12th century and is now a private residence. The interior of the former Mulino Spagolla, one of the most impressive river corners of the village, houses the permanent exhibition on the First World War in Valsugana and Lagorai, but traces of the Great War are scattered throughout the valley, especially on the mountain relief of the Rocchetta, which was used as a natural observation point by both the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies. Borgo Valsugana is also an ideal destination for cyclists, as it is crossed by the "Via del Brenta", a cycle path of about 80 kilometres that connects Lake Caldonazzo with the Venetian town of Bassano del Grappa.
Finally, you can visit "Arte Sella: the contemporary mountain" in the neighbouring and enchanting Sella Valley. Arte Sella is a constantly evolving exhibition route that is open all year round and combines contemporary art and nature.

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XXIV Young Firefighters Competition in Borgo Valsugana


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